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Life As I Know It

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 6:00 AM

Right Now...

Well life had been mental for some time now - just one thing or another (won't go into it as no one wants to sit there and read about my dramas) but just to let you all know I am still alive :) Don't even know where to start really, me and my fiancee are getting married in October - at last. Very small private wedding with just the nearest and dearest. Expect pictures of my dress come October La la la la  It's so weird looking/feeling all floaty and princessy ^.^ Still obsessed with Harry Potter, Teahouse WebComic and Fifty Shades. Still writing, still cosplaying. Still love my besties who are always there for me. They know who they are Love 

I suppose my focuses right now are making time for those I care about. Feeling really grown up lately and sometimes just have to make sure we all take the time to run wild with our friends and loved ones and remember we are actually still young and life is there to enjoy Toothless 

I've been writing two Harry Potter fan fiction, one Draco/Harry, one Fenrir/Harry. Near the end of last year a personal event staggered the writing of these but the Fenrir/Harry one is ready for posting (thanks to the lovely SerenityBaby as she heard me mention it and was eager to read - then eager to have more XD). I have started uploading chapters in the usual places. The Draco/Harry one I will upload when that is finished :) Links to the Fenry one are at the bottom with the others.

Anyone else eager to see Fifty come Feb? I'm taking my mum to see it rofl Love  So excited! And I know everyone everyone seems to have opinions about who they got to play them but I believe it's how the actor plays the character, it's not all about what they look like and I think they'll do an amazing job! I am actually really pleased with the choices and have loved Jamie Dornan since Once Upon a Time so :P

Look --->                     ,-'-.____()
Charlie Tango :D        (____.--"""

Fifty Shades of Grey Anime Style by HyperLittleNori InuyashaxKagome - Piggybacks by HyperLittleNori Princess Princess - Three Friends by HyperLittleNori

I've been looking at my gallery lately and realising that I've done so many costumes that I love and yet have hardly any nice pictures to show for them Waaaah!  So I've decided to drag them all out and go on some shoots to get the most out of them  :D (Big Grin)  I started by paying a visit to my favourite London-lovelies Yuki-Kiba-Chan and StephUzumaki yesterday <3 Love you both my darlings! Steph was the most perfect Kagome to my Inuyasha and the pictures look so amazing! I am going through the pictures now and will upload shortly. She took some footage and I think will be uploading a video so watch her space for that! She actually made me sit you know! lmao XD Amber was the best photographer ever <3 She just knows what I hate and what I like. She is the only person I know who understands what it feels like to need to feel satisfied with your favourite fandoms and she did such a good job on styling the Inuyasha wig for me and taking the photos. It was boiling hot and a bit of a trek to find shooting grounds but we all ploughed on and had an amazing day regardless! I can't explain how much I appreciate you guys doing this with me. You really made it special! Thank you so much girls am so happy! :happybounce: 

Going to try and make Inuyasha's sword so we can do more pictures at some point :happybounce: Felt so good to get some Inuyasha pictures at long last. Definitely going to drag out my old costumes and get some decent pictures of them too. And perfect Harry ;)

As for new costumes I am working on "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" Link which I am 80 percent done with - I intend to wear it to a shoot location and Invasion Colchester but also will pull it out when Steph is ready to do Zelda :) The three costumes I wanted to do since I started cosplay were Harry Potter, Inuyasha and Link as they are my OTC so finally being able to do Link is such a big deal to me. And after that my plans are Soushi from "InuxBoku" (with the lovely StephUzumaki as my Ririchiyo :excited: ). Want to do DNAngel and Harry Potter's costume that he wears in the Triwizard maze too but waiting for my friends to be ready to do that with me as they have a lot on at the end of this year :)

Not sure what events I am going to as of yet as we're all so busy with so much to sort out X3 I've got a wedding to sort and my best friends are all pretty hectic themselves. One is having a baby in 4.5 weeks, one starts university in September and the other 2 have a huge cosplay holiday/photoshoot due in September/October so we're all manic and honestly, I'd rather use my costumes in photoshoots as 'events' like conventions just aren't the same without them. I will wait and see what events they're all going to before I commit to anything. No fun if you can't share the madness ^.^ If we decide to go to any events you can be sure you'll be made aware!

:heart:~People whom I adore and/or admire with all my heart~:heart:

My Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Sanguis Vita Est (COMPLETE). DRACO/HARRY. Whilst Voldemort's prisoner, Draco is made a vampire and forced to take Harry as his first meal. With Draco managing to resist the temptation to drain him, in a moment of blind rage at what he has been forced to become, he aids Harry in the destruction of Voldemort. But even with that threat vanquished, once back at Hogwarts, Draco finds himself disturbingly addicted to Harry's blood. And amongst all this, a dark shadow looms ominously on the outline of the forest, watching them closely.

Auribus Teneo Lupum (COMPLETE). FENRIR/HARRY. Watching Potter refuse to break under Voldemort’s torture, Greyback senses that he is far too valuable to his species to allow to die. Demanding possession of him, he takes the boy as his own. Unfortunately, the boy refuses to bend or break under him either…

Dawning Affliction (COMPLETE). DRACO/HARRY. Forced into a marriage with an abusive, overbearing Draco Malfoy, Harry struggles to survive his new lot in life. But being part of the Malfoy family, he is now privy to their darkest an most dreaded secrets

(Bound by) Clandestine Addiction DRACO/HARRY. (COMPLETE). They were drawn together, irrationally, irrevocably. In the face of fear, hate and pain they always felt the pull to return. For a bond unwittingly formed by Harry's fatal spell? Or something...else?

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Thanks sweetie! <3
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